Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Crocheted Flower Hairclip

So here is another hair clip idea for you! I made this crocheted flower from a pattern in an American crochet book. It does get very confusing swapping between American and English crochet. But I have seen similar if not identical patterns in other books that use English crochet, there is something like this in the book that I reviewed a while ago called Handbook of Crochet Stitches. Once I had made the flower I sewed on a selection of beads and then sewed the flower to a hairgrip. You can change the size of the crochet hook and the thickness of the yarn that you use to alter the size of the flower. Simple and quick but very pretty!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Button Hair clips

I absolutely love any kind of vintage looking floral fabric so I have quite a lot of fabric like this in my stash. I thought that making some self cover button hair clips would be a good way to show off these pretty fabrics! I bought some self cover buttons (I think that the metal ones are best) and I covered them with a selection of fabrics. I then sewed the buttons on to the hair grips with normal sewing thread.

Sunday, 29 January 2012


Just to let you know I have set up a twitter account so that I can post links to my blog posts. The twitter button that links my twitter account to my blog (I think it lets my blog readers follow me on twitter from a button on my blog) is broken at the moment but as soon as its fixed I will add it to my blog. So if you have twitter and would like to follow me to receive quick updates about my blog and anything else I find interesting,  I am: Hannah @Made_By_Hannah.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Decoupaged Paper Weights

I made these paperweights from pebbles which I collected from a beach in Ireland. When I got home I painted the front of the pebbles with acrylic paint in pastel colours. I then cut or punched out parts of patterned paper and glued them with PVA glue onto pebbles, when this was dry I coated the whole pebble with a layer of glue. I repeated this until the pebble had a nice sheen to it. This took a couple of coats because the pebble is really absorbent and seems to just suck in the glue the first couple of times, but the pebble does go shiny eventually. I hope that you now have a use for all the pebbles that you might have collected from various beaches.

P.S. Sorry about my lack of posts this week I have had a lot of work to do and it may be similar next week, there is a lot of coursework deadlines to meet at the moment. But bear with me I have got a few projects on the go at the moment so please keep checking back for some more makes soon!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Beaded Jar Decorations

I made this beaded jar decoration from an idea in a book called: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Beading and Making Jewellery. I used a variety of different seed beads and I used normal sewing cotton to thread the beads onto because it allows the beads to hang nicely. It is also important to use heavier beads at the ends so that the smaller beads are weighted down. Its a lovely way to brighten up a jar that you could use to store all sorts of things in. I used my jar as a pen pot on my desk but it would also look good on a shelf storing your craft supplies.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

More Decorative Shelves

Here is another idea using the small shelves featured in my earlier post called Decorative Shelves. This one sits on the top of a bookshelf a displays a few of my craft supplies.
I painted the shelves with a tester pot of paint and used wrapping paper to decorate the back of the individual compartments.
I bought a set of small glass bottles from Cox and Cox and I filled them with different items including seed beads and small shells.

I also added a small bottle of fine glitter and filled another glass bottle with tiny buttons to fill another compartment.

Sequins are also used to fill a glass bottle, this is a lovely way to make a feature of your craft supplies.  

The set of glass bottles included a variety of different sized bottles including a larger one which didn't fit in the shelves so I just placed it to the side of the shelves. 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Felted Rose

I have always wanted to have a go at needle felting, I have done the other type of felting several times before, the technique that uses soap and water, but I found it quite hard to get a neat finished product. So I decided to try out needle felting instead, so I bought the basic supplies that I needed to get started from Blooming Felt, http://www.bloomingfelt.co.uk/. My purchases included several different colours of felting wool, a felting needle and a holder, a high density sponge and a felting mould to make up a felted rose. After about three evenings of felting I had made this rose.

I found needle felting really easy to get the hang of and it is quite therapeutic as well. To make the rose you add felting wool into the mould and felt each individual petal by pushing the needle into the felt until the fibres have matted together. You don't even have to sew the petals together because they can be felted together to make up the flower.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Painted letter

I thought I would show you a simple decoration that I made. When I bought the letter it was plain white so I lightly drew a design on with pencil. I then painted the design onto the letter with Gouache using a very thin paintbrush to paint on the small details. I just bought and decorated one letter but you could spell out your whole name or another word.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Pin holder

I got these long pins free with Cross Stitcher Magazine, I thought that they looked quite pretty with the brightly coloured heads. So I thought I would display them, I made a small pin cushion to put the pins in. I did this by cutting two circles of fabric and then sewing and stuffing the fabric. I then stuck the pins into the pincushion and put the pincushion into the bottom of a small glass. The glass originally had a candle in it. When the candle was all melted I cleaned the glass to get rid of any leftover wax, it makes a perfect holder for the pins. I hope that this gives you an idea of how you can display any similar pins that you have got.

Zip Rose

This rose is great for using up spare zips and sometimes in haberdashery shops thay sell a few broken zips for a low price which is pefect for making roses like this one.
I made it by cutting the end off a zip so that you can remove the zip puller and the two halves of the zip will be separated. Take one half of the zip and some thread and sew a running stitch along the bottom of the zipper tape on the side that hasn't got the teeth. Gather the stitches and roll the zip round to create a rose shape. Sew a few stitches to secure and alter the shape until you are happy with it.
The leaves are optional, if you want to add them then cut a short length of green zip and bend it round into an arc shape. Secure it at the bottom with a few stitches and then sew the leaves to the bottom of the rose.
You can sew a hair grip onto the back of the rose to make a hairclip or you could make a brooch by sewing a safety pin onto the back. You could also sew several roses onto a dress or top to revive an old garment. Or you could glue them onto a pair of shoes for extra decoration.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Granny Square Scarf

I recently made this crocheted granny square scarf. I made it by crocheting a lot of granny squares in three different colours and sewing them together. I then added tassels to the ends of the scarf, it was actually quite quick to make because once I had done two or three squares I could remember the pattern. Also the granny squares themselves don't actually take that long to make once you get the hang of it. The only thing that took a while was deciding what colours to make it in!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I made this simple cushion by cutting two squares out of material, I then pinned bobble trim around the edges.Then I sewed the sides together making sure that the bobble trim was sewn on as well. Then I stuffed the cushion after turning it the right way round of course! I added a cross stitched cherry button that I made from a free gift that came with cross stitcher magazine. I also covered some buttons with patterned fabrics and sewed them to the front of the cushion.
The cushion that you can see behind is made from different colours of ribbon and the selvedges of fabric that have the designer and pattern name on.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Book review: Handbook of Crochet Stitches

This is a book review of Handbook of Crochet Stitches by Betty Barnden.

This book is brilliant for expanding your knowledge and range of crochet stitches. It contains instructions for many different stitches which allow you to create bobbles, holes, patterns and other effects. There are also instructions for how to create different styles of flowers and borders and different types of granny squares. The glossary of stitches contains photos of all the stitches in the book, this is a very helpful feature if you are looking for a particular type of stitch. The instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. This book is suitable for complete beginners because of the detailed description of basic skills at the start of the book. It is also suitable for advanced crocheters because there are also more complex stitches. Overall I would give this book 5/5 because of the variety of stitches and the detailed instructions.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My favourite pieces of jewellery

I have made a lot of jewellery over the years but I thought I would show you some of my favourite pieces that I have made. Hopefully these will inspire you when you make jewellery.
This bracelet was made with beads from Bijoux Beads. I love the faceted pink beads because of the different colours that appear when they catch the light.
I made this from a project in Spellbinding Bead Jewellery by Christine and Julie Ashford but I used different beads, it looks good worn over the sleeve of a jumper. 

This necklace was made with beads that I bought from Ireland and the flower beads were from La Droguerie (see my earlier post).

This necklace took quite a long time to make but it was good for using up lots of left over beads that I had in my stash.

I made this necklace by layering decorative buttons over plain buttons and then using a thin wire to attach them together. Then I added embroidery thread in a coordinating colour to hide the wire. 

The bead caps on these earrings were from Josy Rose. I really like the way that the bead caps add extra detail to the earrings. 

These are another pair of my favourite earrings, the white and pink beads remind me of sweets!

These flower and leaf beads are from Spoilt Rotten beads and because they are made from acrylic the necklace isn't heavy. I shaped a thick piece of wire into a curve and then wired the flowers and leaves onto the thicker piece of wire with fine wire and added seed beads to the centre of the flowers.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Book review

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As you can see from this picture I have a large collection of craft books. These are the result of many years of birthday and Christmas presents! I love having a good selection of books because they are a brilliant source of inspiration, whenever I am stuck for an ideas I can just flick through a book and I will know what to make. But if you are ordering online it can be sometimes be hard to know if  a book is any good. So to help you choose I will be reviewing several books. 

The first book that I will be reviewing is: A Rainbow of Stitches by AgnèsDelage-Calvet, Anne Sohier-Fournel, Muriel Brunet and Françoise Ritz. This book is all about embroidery and cross stitch. At the front there is a 'Get stitching' section which includes handy hints and tips. The book is split into sections of green, pink, blue, red and white coloured projects so whatever your favourite colour is there should be something to suit you. In each of the different colour sections of the book there is a multitude of drawings and charts for you to stitch. There are also suggestions of items which you could stitch onto. However there aren't any instructions for making any of the items that have been sewn on. Overall I would give this book 5/5 because there are so many brilliant ideas that could be used for anything and lots of the stitched items in the book would also make lovely gifts. My next project is a beautiful peace and love cross stitch picture from this book so watch this space because as soon as I have finished I will show you.

Decorative shelves

 I wanted some shelves to display some of my ornaments on so I bought these sheleves from Hobbycraft. I bought two and glued them together to create more compartments. I had recently had my room redecorated so I painted these shelves with a tester pot which I had left over from when I was deciding on the colour. I then added Tilda stickers in the different compartments and at the sides.

I added stickers at the sides of the shelves for extra decoration.

I made these birds in three different designs. They were in Mollie Makes magazine a few months ago.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Pin cushion

I made this cross stitch pincushion from a pattern that was in Cross Stitcher magazine. In the magazine the pincushion was in a vintage teacup but I saw this Avoca sugar bowl and thought it would be perfect to put the pincushion in.