Friday, 27 January 2012

Decoupaged Paper Weights

I made these paperweights from pebbles which I collected from a beach in Ireland. When I got home I painted the front of the pebbles with acrylic paint in pastel colours. I then cut or punched out parts of patterned paper and glued them with PVA glue onto pebbles, when this was dry I coated the whole pebble with a layer of glue. I repeated this until the pebble had a nice sheen to it. This took a couple of coats because the pebble is really absorbent and seems to just suck in the glue the first couple of times, but the pebble does go shiny eventually. I hope that you now have a use for all the pebbles that you might have collected from various beaches.

P.S. Sorry about my lack of posts this week I have had a lot of work to do and it may be similar next week, there is a lot of coursework deadlines to meet at the moment. But bear with me I have got a few projects on the go at the moment so please keep checking back for some more makes soon!

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