Thursday, 5 January 2012

La Droguerie

 I visited Paris on my summer holiday this year and I managed to track down possibly the best craft shop that I have ever been to! At the front of the shop there is lots of wool and knitting patterns which seem to be La Droguerie's main products. As you venture further into the shop there are a large collection of beautiful buttons and a glass cabinet displaying Liberty fabrics. More fabrics can be found at the back of the shop on rolls. There is another room off to your right containing large glass jars filled with a wonderful selection of beads. There is also a large collection of small fake flowers and a cabinet at the very back of this room contains other jewellery making items such as cameos and charms. I bought a cameo, two flower charms, some glass flower beads and fabric circles. La Droguerie have several shops in France, the Paris store is located on the Rue du Jour. Unfortunately I don't think that you can buy La Droguerie products online but if you are planning a trip to Paris make sure that a visit to this shop is top of your list.
These are the circles of fabric that I bought. They came in a pack and there were several different packs containing a selection of different patterns.
This is a necklace that I made using the circles of fabric that I bought. I blanket stitched around the edges of each of the circles to prevent them fraying and then I sewed the circles together. I then added buttons for decoration and attached some chain to make a necklace.

These are the flower beads that I bought, I made them into a bracelet using clear beading thread and I attached some beads using jump rings.

I bought this cameo and a metal holder to make the cameo into a pendant. I then added the cameo to a piece of chain to make a necklace.

I made a pair of simple earrings with the flower charms that I bought.

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