Saturday, 7 January 2012

My favourite pieces of jewellery

I have made a lot of jewellery over the years but I thought I would show you some of my favourite pieces that I have made. Hopefully these will inspire you when you make jewellery.
This bracelet was made with beads from Bijoux Beads. I love the faceted pink beads because of the different colours that appear when they catch the light.
I made this from a project in Spellbinding Bead Jewellery by Christine and Julie Ashford but I used different beads, it looks good worn over the sleeve of a jumper. 

This necklace was made with beads that I bought from Ireland and the flower beads were from La Droguerie (see my earlier post).

This necklace took quite a long time to make but it was good for using up lots of left over beads that I had in my stash.

I made this necklace by layering decorative buttons over plain buttons and then using a thin wire to attach them together. Then I added embroidery thread in a coordinating colour to hide the wire. 

The bead caps on these earrings were from Josy Rose. I really like the way that the bead caps add extra detail to the earrings. 

These are another pair of my favourite earrings, the white and pink beads remind me of sweets!

These flower and leaf beads are from Spoilt Rotten beads and because they are made from acrylic the necklace isn't heavy. I shaped a thick piece of wire into a curve and then wired the flowers and leaves onto the thicker piece of wire with fine wire and added seed beads to the centre of the flowers.

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