Sunday, 15 January 2012

Zip Rose

This rose is great for using up spare zips and sometimes in haberdashery shops thay sell a few broken zips for a low price which is pefect for making roses like this one.
I made it by cutting the end off a zip so that you can remove the zip puller and the two halves of the zip will be separated. Take one half of the zip and some thread and sew a running stitch along the bottom of the zipper tape on the side that hasn't got the teeth. Gather the stitches and roll the zip round to create a rose shape. Sew a few stitches to secure and alter the shape until you are happy with it.
The leaves are optional, if you want to add them then cut a short length of green zip and bend it round into an arc shape. Secure it at the bottom with a few stitches and then sew the leaves to the bottom of the rose.
You can sew a hair grip onto the back of the rose to make a hairclip or you could make a brooch by sewing a safety pin onto the back. You could also sew several roses onto a dress or top to revive an old garment. Or you could glue them onto a pair of shoes for extra decoration.