Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Button Bracelets

These button bracelets were made using a mixture of new and vintage buttons. Charity shops are great places to find vintage buttons but I also found some lovely vintage style buttons from haberdashery shops and on the Internet. I would recommend for a great selection of different styles of buttons. I made these bracelets by threading the buttons onto one strand of cord doubled over and tied in a knot to make a loop (make sure you cut a very long length as you will be surprised how much you use up!). Then I made a knot with the cord behind the button to secure it. Continue until you have the desired length and then thread a shank button onto the cord and tie a tight knot behind the button to secure.

You can layer smaller detailed buttons over larger plain buttons.

I was surprised to find this Chelsea Girl button in a box of buttons from a charity shop.

Add a pretty vintage button to the end of the bracelet to use as a fastener.

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