Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Embroidered Padded Squares

These padded squares were made using a square of plain cotton for the front and a patterned cotton for the back of the squares, I also added embroidered detail to the front of the squares.

The embroidered writing, hearts and flowers were traced from the pattern pages of several different Tone Finnager books and embroidered in backstitch and satin stitch.

I embroidered the patterns onto the plain cotton first and then I sewed the front and back pieces together. When I got to the top edge of the square I added a piece of ribbon in a co-ordinating colour and sewed it in place to make a loop.

The embroidery was worked with two strands of embroidery thread for the satin stitch and one strand of thread for the backstitch.

I used a small embroidery hoop to keep an even tension when embroidering onto the fabric. Once I had completed the embroidery I cut the fabric down to the right size and shape.

I used patterned cotton fabrics in floral prints for the back of the squares and I used a soft toy filling to pad the squares.

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