Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fabric Hearts

These fabric hearts were made from two pieces of patterned fabric, a small fabric patch, some cross stitched motifs and a bit of ribbon. I cross stitched small motifs from charts in Quick to Stitch Cross Stitch Keepsakes by Helen Phillips onto aida, I then cut around the motifs and sewed them onto a heart shaped piece of patterned fabric. I cut a small square from a different piece of fabric and sewed this onto the heart shaped fabric as well. I also tied a bow with ribbon and sewed this on. I then sewed the two heart shaped pieces of fabric together using a sewing machine, adding a ribbon at the top as I sewed, I then stuffed the hearts with some soft toy filling. I made the hearts in two different sizes by using a paper pattern as a template for cutting out smaller and larger hearts.

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