Sunday, 5 February 2012

Necklace and Earrings

This necklace is made entirely from beads from a Bijoux Beads small bead tub. The beads in the tub are all different shades of blue and a few copper and silver ones as well, they can be found here in several different colours -
The necklace that I made from my tub is a kind of tassel design using a large silver bead as a focal point and several strings of beads attached underneath the larger bead. I finished it off with a length of silver chain. It was a fairly quick necklace to make and I think it has a bit of an exotic style about it.

These earrings are very simple, they didn't even take five minutes to make! But I thought that the silver leaf charms were so pretty and decorative that I wanted to use them just on their own. The leaves are also from Bijoux Beads and I love the delicate leaf skeleton pattern. I have worn them loads already!

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