Thursday, 29 March 2012

Easter Llama

This is Llavinia the Easter llama, I made her for my best friend as a special Easter present. I made the llama from a project in the last issue of Mollie Makes magazine, the templates included three different types of faces and different sized flowers so I chose my favourite face and arrangement of flowers. I used a very fluffy white felt for the body to make it look like a woolly coat. I used felt in candy pastel colours for the flowers, I needle felted two pieces of the same colour felt together to make the felt thicker and a bit sturdier. This was because the felt was quite thin and delicate so it probably would have fallen apart when I cut the flowers out! To embellish the flowers I sewed on some seed beads and sequins and added some embroidery to the petals. I embroidered the petals and the embroidered the face to add details. I also needle felted two layers of felt together to make the fringe.

I also made a gift box to put the llama in. To do this I drew a box shape on a piece of thick cardboard, cut it out and then stuck it together with double sided tape. I then covered it with old book pages, I also attached this with double sided tape because this prevents the paper from wrinkling. To decorate the box I ripped up patterned paper and stuck small pieces to the lid of the box. I also punched out tag shapes from different coloured card and then I wrote 'EASTER' on them in a biro. I threaded them onto a piece of coloured yarn and then attached them to the box. I glued on a felt rabbit and cut out flowers from a piece of patterned paper and glued them on as well. I attached two lengths of ribbon to the box using two flower shaped brad pins. I dabbed the raw ends with PVA glue to stop them fraying and tied the ribbon in a bow to close the lid of the box. 

To go in the box I made a mini cushion from a piece of floral fabric. I machine stitched the cushion and then stuffed it. I sewed a button (a Liberty button as well, this is a luxury llama of course!) on to the middle of the cushion. Now the Llavinia the llama has a comfortable cushion to relax on! I think that this little llama makes a lovely alternative to an Easter egg!