Monday, 5 March 2012

Embroidery and Cross Stitch

I have been working on stitching and framing these embroidered and cross stitched pictures for a while, but I have just finished putting them all up on my wall.

This is a sampler of several different tapestry stitches in squares, I stitched them with tapestry wool. I also added a border around the outside of the group of squares.

This bird is stitched from a picture by artist Kate Wilson, when you have a spare moment take a look at her work, it is lovely and most of her drawings are humorous too! I printed one of the drawings and traced it onto fabric and then embroidered over the lines using back stitch and satin stitch. I framed this picture in a beautiful decorative rococo style frame.

The chart for this cross stitch is by Margaret Sherry it was in an issue of Cross Stitcher magazine last year. I think its so cute so I wanted to stitch it as soon as I saw it!

This is also stitched from a drawing by artist Kate Wilson, I used french knots, back stitch and satin stitch to embroider the picture. I painted the frame white to match with the other frames.

This beautiful vintage floral cross stitch was stitched from a chart in Cross Stitcher magazine. I framed it in an embroidery hoop that had been painted white and I added a bow at the top to hang the picture from.

This frame was also painted white and the picture is embroidered from another drawing by artist Kate Wilson.


  1. beautiful, i adore mice, especially cute cartoon ones and rose pictures too. your work looks lovely in the white frames ,feminine to match the images

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like them. I thought that the white frames would be best so that they didn't detract from the embroidery.