Saturday, 14 April 2012

Crochet Ring Tutorial

These crochet rings are a great way to display your favourite buttons or you can wear the ring without buttons, it looks just as good. I will be showing you how to make the ring with the large button pictured below. I will also explain the stitches needed to make this ring (chain stitch and treble crochet).

- Two needles - one with a large eye (for yarn) and one with a small eye (for sewing thread).
- Some yarn, in a colour of your choice (not too thick).
- A crochet hook, I used size 1.5mm.
- Sewing thread.
- A pair of small scissors.
- A button or several buttons (optional).and treble crochet).
If you are an experienced crocheter you can use this abbreviated pattern:
1. 16ch
2. 1tr in third chain from hook, 1tr in each st to end.
3. Fasten off.
4. Continue to step 20 for the making up instructions.

1. How to chain stitch: Start with a loop.

2. Then pull the yarn through the loop with a crochet hook.

3. Tighten the loop.

4. To make the first chain stitch wrap yarn around the hook. Then pull this loop through the existing stitch on the hook.

5. Continue the last step to make chain stitches. 

6. Continue to make 16 chain stitches (this will make a small sized ring).

7. How to treble crochet: This ring uses treble crochet. To make a treble crochet wrap the yarn around the crochet hook once.

8. Then insert the hook into the third chain stitch from the hook.

9. Wrap the yarn around the hook again.

10. Pull the loop through the next loop on the hook.

11. Wrap the yarn around the hook.

12. Pull the loop through the next two loops.

13. Wrap the yarn around the hook.
14. Pull the loop through the final two loops on the hook. You have now completed a treble stitch.

15. Make a treble crochet in each chain stitch to end.

16. To fasten off put the yarn around the hook.

17. Pull the loop through the existing loop on the hook.

18. Cut the yarn leaving a long tail and pull the yarn right the way through the loop.

19. Pull the tail of yarn to tighten.

20. Assembling the ring: Sew each end of the stitches together using the tail of yarn that you ended with, do this on the wrong side of the ring.

21. Finish off the stitching by threading the tail of yarn through the back of several stitches and cut off the excess.

22. Repeat step 21 with the other tail of yarn.

23. Turn the ring the right way round, you can leave the ring as it is or sew on a button to add some extra decoration.

24. If you are adding a button sew it on using sewing thread in a matching or similar colour.

You can make each ring look different by using different stitches and buttons. The rings below use a selection of treble, double and double treble crochet. You can use different types of buttons such as four holed buttons or shank buttons, or you can layer buttons on top of each other.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, please feel free to ask any questions if you are unsure about any of the steps.


  1. Hi!! This is gorgeous!! Can I share this in pinterest???

    1. Hi Fátima, thanks so much. Of course you can, thanks for asking :)