Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wire Rings

Last night I spent hours searching the Internet for ring tutorials, I printed them out this morning ( ran out the printer again - whoops!) and had a go at one. For a first attempt I was quite pleased it looks slightly different from the image on the tutorial but I'll have another go and see if I can get it the same next time. The tutorial can be found here I had to add a small bit of wire to the ring at the back to keep the two pieces of wire that make the ring together and stop them from springing apart. The thing that I find quite hard when making rings like this is the sizing, I do have a ring mandrel but the size always seems to change when I am making it. This one turned out too small for me so I gave it to my sister, it worked out quite well actually because she said she would have wanted one anyway!

I have made wire rings before, this button one was made from a free project on Spoilt Rotten Beads It does take a bit of practice to get the spiral part to lie flat, my first attempts at this ring were a mess!

The second ring is made from a project in The Complete Guide to Wire and Beaded Jewellery by Linda Jones. It is a brilliant book for jewellery makers and this ring is actually really simple to make, I love it so much I think I might make some more soon in other colours. This ring is also really easy to make to the right size as it can be easily adjusted to fit.

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