Friday, 11 May 2012

Crocheted Jar Cover

This crocheted jar cover was inspired by Laura Maxell over at Love The Blue Bird, I love reading Laura's blog, it is full of inspiration (especially for crochet projects). Laura's crocheted jar cover was even featured in Mollie Makes magazine!
So I made my own version to fit a jam jar. I used yarn in bright pastel colours. To make my cover I used treble crochet, I didn't need to decrease or increase to make my cover fit because the jar that I was covering had straight sides. The frills at the top of the jar were made with a thinner yarn so I crocheted two treble crochets in each stitch and then joined with a slip stitch in  the first stitch. For the next row of the frills I crocheted two trebles in one stitch and then three trebles in the next stitch repeating this to the end of the row. This covered jar is perfect for holding my crochet hooks and it even looks pretty from the inside of the jar!


  1. it's beautiful hannah :) i love the colors you used. did you use cotton yarn?
    thank you for sharing...

    1. Thankyou Laura :)Yes, two of the yarns that I used were 100% cotton but the other two had a bit of wool/cashmere in them and one had silk in as well (thats the cream one that has a slight sheen) You're welcome, thankyou for your comment :)