Saturday, 19 May 2012

Monty the Needlefelted Doglet

Say hello to Monty the needle felted doglet! You might remember I showed you Mortimer the doglet a few days ago, well like Mortimer, Monty was made from the project by Gretel Parker in Mollie Makes magazine. If you haven't already you can meet Mortimer here Monty is a gift for my sister, he'll be her friend for life with the added benefit that he's much easier to look after than a real dog but just as cute! This time I used a lighter coloured wool for the body with dark brown Dalmatian like spots and a little purple beret. Monty loves munching on sweets and reading books! I've already started making another doglet in a reddy colour to sit alongside Mortimer.


  1. he is so cute. i love his spots :) your sister will be so happy.