Friday, 8 June 2012

Book page and map heart garland tutorial

I have seen several pictures on Pinterest of book page hearts strung onto invisible beading thread to make a garland. I've been wanting to make this for a long time but I also wanted to get some old maps to cut into hearts for the bunting. It was quite hard to track down any old maps but I eventually found some in a shop in Hay on Wye. I bought two different maps for a total of £3.00! Here is the shop's website,  I don't think that they sell individual maps on their website like the ones that I bought but you may be able to track down some old maps at a vintage fair or perhaps in an second hand bookshop.

To make this bunting you will need:
  • An old map (make sure you pick a good one that has a variety of colours on e.g. a mix of green and brown)
  • Old book pages
  • PVA glue
  • Invisible beading thread
  • Scissors 
  • Cardboard
  • Pencil
Cut a section from your map (I cut a rectangle out along the fold lines).
Rip some pages out the book as well.
Draw three different sized hearts on a piece of thin card. (You could use heart punches in different sizes to cut out the hearts, if you do this then you can omit this step and the next one)
Fold the map in half so that the right sides are facing then draw round each of the different sized hearts six times (or more if you want longer bunting). Cut the hearts out. Repeat this step with the book pages (it doesn't matter which way you fold the book pages because they are double sized). Folding the map or book pages in half will mean that you will have double sided hearts.
You should now have six double sided hearts of each different sized heart cut out of the book pages and map.

Using PVA glue coat one side (on the wrong side) of the heart with a thin layer of glue and stick the two sides of the heart together sandwiching the invisible beading thread in between. You can have the thread running from the top to the bottom of the hearts as I have done or from left to right.

Continue adding hearts to the thread until you have stuck all of the hearts on. Trim the ends of the invisible thread close to the hearts at either end of the garland.

There are many uses for this garland, you can use the garland to decorate shelves as I have done or how about making a really long length for a special party decoration.

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