Thursday, 7 June 2012

Daisy the Needlefelted Doglet

So I've made another needle felted doglet. This doglet is called Daisy and she loves eating ice cream and shopping in stylish boutiques! Daisy has a bright pink beret and like Monty the doglet( she has small spots. I have also made a felted ball and bone for my doglets, Mortimer, Delilah and Daisy. I made another bone for Monty, the doglet that I made for my sister. Below are some pictures of Daisy the doglet and then some pictures of the bones and balls as well as all of the needle felted doglets that I have made.

 Daisy, Delilah and Mortimer (from left to right) are looking very pleased with their tasty bone and colourful ball.

Monty loves posing with his yummy bone.

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