Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jubilee cross stitch heart

So I know the Jubilee is well and truly over now but I had to show you my completed Jan Constantine kit that was given away free in the last issue of Cross Stitcher magazine. I actually finished this a while ago but I've been making so much stuff recently that I just didn't get round to posting about it at the right time!
I loved this free gift so I started making it almost as soon as I got my hands on the magazine! Although it is a Jubilee design its too nice to be hidden away, so I'm leaving it up all year round. I did adjust the design a bit, I added my initials (HM) instead of the original design that had Jan Constantine's signature. I did this using one of the alphabet charts from a previous issue of Cross Stitcher. Funnily enough, my initials also stand for Her Majesty, very fitting for the Jubilee!


  1. I remembered to look! I had to make sure it was you by finding some of your jewellery you've worn before! I love the button clips :D
    Also my mum says your really creative and extremely good at making the crafts!
    Nalishha xx

    1. Well done! :) Haha, wouldn't want to comment on the wrong blog! Ah thanks.
      Aww tell her thankyou from me :)