Sunday, 3 June 2012

Union Jack and Lace Bunting Tutorial

This Union Jack and lace bunting is perfect for Jubilee celebrations but can also be left up all year round. The lace adds a beautiful vintage touch to the bunting. So if you want to make some last minute bunting to decorate your bank holiday Jubilee celebrations or just fancy making some patriotic bunting to decorate your home read on to find out how to make some.

Lace material.
Material with Union Jack print (the material I used had small Union Jacks repeated).
Twisted cord to attach the flags to.
Small embroidery scissors and fabric scissors.
Sewing machine (optional).
Sewing thread.
Needle and pins.

Cut out a flower from lace material.

Using small embroidery scissors carefully cut around the flower to remove the net that holds the material together. 

The cut out lace flower should look like this. Cut out three flowers.
Cut out seven Union Jacks (or more or less if you want longer or shorter bunting) from the printed fabric. Then cut out four pieces of lace the same size as the Union Jacks from the lace fabric.

Sew the lace flowers in the centre of the flags using tiny stitches around the edge of the flower.

Sew the flowers onto three of the seven flags.

Place the four pieces of lace over the top of the remaining Union Jacks and pin it on.

Sew close to the edges of the flag to attach the lace to the Union Jacks, this will stop the lace from slipping out of place when you pin the edges of the flags under. 

Pin and sew three edges of the flags under to hide the raw edges. Don't sew the top edge yet.

Pin the top edge of the flag over the twisted cord. I used a zipper foot to sew the top of the bunting this meant that I could sew really close to the cord. 
The stitching should look like this.

Et voila! Your bunting is finished! You can make the bunting as short or long as you like. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.


  1. this turned out wonderful. i love the look of the lace...

    1. Thanks Laura, I hope it has inspired you :)