Monday, 9 July 2012

Chanel inspired pearl hairpins

I loved the use of pearls on the Chanel spring 2012 catwalk, so when I saw these DIY pearl hairpins I had to make them! I kind of followed this tutorial and kind of made it up as I went along, but the original idea did come from the tutorial on Honestly WTF.

The Honestly WTF blog has loads of great DIY tutorials especially if you are looking for inspiration for how to turn your favourite catwalk items into your own handmade items. Its also a great blog for finding new artists creating beautiful and unique work, a brilliant source of inspiration for my own artwork. Next on my list to make is the D&G inspired tiara and Prada earrings (have a look under the DIY section).

So here are my own Chanel inspired hairpins, I made six in total, three hairpins with larger pearls and the other three with smaller pearls. As you can see below I am wearing the three smaller pearl hairpins in my hair today. I attached the pearls onto the wrong side of the hair grips, this is because I have quite fine hair and the part of the grip that turns up would stick out of my hair. They would also look lovely pinned into a messy bun or plait.

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