Thursday, 30 August 2012

Inspiration Scrapbook

It's always handy for a crafter to have a scrapbook to hand when they need a bit of inspiration. I'm always collecting bits and bobs to put into my scrapbook such as tickets, images, postcards and clothes labels. The scrapbook came from Paperchase and I think that even the front cover is inspiring! I haven't filled many pages yet but here are a few that I have finished...

Monday, 27 August 2012

Vintage Style Craft Box

In my last post I mentioned a vintage style box that I was keeping on my vintage shelf. Well, I thought I'd show you the box in more detail so that you can see some of the items inside it. As you can see, the box has different compartments in which I have put mostly sewing supplies but also a few other bits and bobs.

I made this felt pincushion inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest, those tiny flowers sure were fiddly to cut out!

I raided my button jar for buttons in berry, pink and cream shades to put in one of the compartments.

This compartment includes scraps of vintage fabric, a lovely vintage flower motif and two of my own embroidered buttons.

Sometimes I just like trying out different crocheted flower patterns with no real purpose in mind for them. Until now they have been getting tangled up with balls of yarn in my yarn bag so I decided to add these flowers to my box as well.

You can never have enough bobble trim, right? So just to be on the safe side I added some lovely cream bobble trim into my box as well.

Oh and here is some more bobble trim just in case...
There is also a cross stitch heart that I made nestled amongst the bobble trim.

I used this compartment to store a ball of crochet cotton.
I folded up some small pieces of pastel coloured felt and tucked them into the box too.

I collected these shells on a visit to Camber Sands during my summer holiday.

You can also find a selection of different sizes and colours of felt balls, flowers and two felt bows that I made in the box. 

I rolled up some ribbon and vintage lace to add to one of the compartments.

Lastly, my extremely cute mini vintage sewing kit that I bought at the vintage jumble sale on Saturday is also in the box.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

A mix of everything vintage

Usually when the words 'jumble sale' are mentioned old, tatty books, well loved teddy bears and jigsaws with missing pieces spring to my mind. But today this was proved wrong when I visited a vintage jumble sale. There was so much beautiful vintage china, material, trims and much more for only a few pounds. I thought I'd show you my buys from the jumble sale and also my vintage shelf which I cleared off today so that I could have somewhere to put all my vintage items.

This beautiful bag was only £3 (can you believe it?!) and it's in perfect condition. It reminded me of the Dolce and Gabbana Autumn/ Winter 2012 collection.


There was also a patterned mirror hidden in the inside pocket.

The bag even has a box chain handle.

This is my vintage shelf which includes most of the items I bought at the vintage jumble sale as well as the vintage style box below (I'll write more about this box in my next post).

I added this lovely mini wooden painted bunting to my vintage shelf.

I bought this teacup and saucer at the jumble sale as well as the embroidery thread bobbins that are inside the teacup.

I also bought this mini teacup at the jumble sale and I have filled it with my tiny crocheted flowers and leaves, you can find the free pattern for the crocheted flowers here 

I also have a bit of an obsession with cut glass, my Mum gave me this beautiful wine glass which I have filled with crocheted hearts.

I bought three empty vintage cotton reels at the jumble sale and I have wrapped lace around them that I bought at the jumble sale.

I bought this blue lace today too, it's so lovely and delicate.
I added more blue lace to my teacup which I bought at the last vintage fair in Chipping Sodbury.

This tiny teacup and the teapot were found in a tidy up a few weeks ago. 


My best friend bought me this beautiful teacup for my last birthday and I have filled it with vintage lace and fabric also bought at the last vintage fair in Chipping Sodbury.

You'll remember this cut glass vase that I brought back from my holiday, I have added this to the shelf as well.
I found this mini sewing kit at the jumble sale today and as it was only 50p and so cute I just had to buy it!