Sunday, 12 August 2012

Back again!

I'm back from holiday now, as I mentioned before I stayed near Rye in Camber. We had many evening walks along the beach, called Camber Sands. As before, I just wanted to show you some of the buys I brought back from holiday...

There were shops selling vintage items everywhere we went, I couldn't resist this beautiful cut glass vase (Apologies for the above photo, I only realised once how dark it was until I had uploaded the image to this post).

There was a wonderful haberdashery in Rye where I bought this beautiful Egyptian cotton yarn and the pom pom trim below.

I have my eye on this tutorial to use the pop pom trim

You might have guessed that I couldn't have gone on holiday without buying some postcards, I bought this pattern design postcard book, pictured below are two of my favourite postcards from the book.

I also bought three more beautiful postcards.

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