Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Decorated Heart

This wooden heart was originally just plain cream with a wire hanger. So I decided to decorate it and make it a bit prettier. First I cut off the wire hanger and then I glued the lace fabric onto the heart and cut it down to the right size. I then cut out motifs from a Tilda paper pack and glued them onto the centre of the heart. I also added a thin layer of glue to the top of the paper pieces to give them a slight sheen.


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fabric Flowers

You may have guessed by now that I love making these fabric flowers that are in All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens. I have made a necklace and hair clip from these flowers before.
This time I made bigger flowers and I added wire to the back of them to create stalks. I didn't wrap the wire stalks in fabric like it suggests in the book because I knew that the stalks would be completely hidden. I attached all the stalks together by wrapping finer wire around them. I then manipulated the stalks so that the flowers were in the position I wanted. However, the flowers were still flopping over slightly so I sewed several of the petals on the different flowers together to make sure they were in the right position.
These are flowers are perfect for brightening up a shelf especially on a gloomy day like today. They look lovely next to my floral patterned notebooks and vintage plates. Also, they will last forever!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Fashion Friday: Dolce and Gabbana Fall/ Winter 2013

This collection from Dolce and Gabbana is based on Baroque and the traditions of Italy. It focuses on four regions of Italy, Meditteraneo, Barocco, Sicilia and Sera.
The garments included in each collection are all very different but they definitely have a strong Italian influence. I think that what makes this collection particularly effective is the contrast between each of the four collections. The embellishments are just something else and I love how the collection explores embellishments not often seen in modern day garments such as tapestry (as seen in the Barocco garments). Lace, sheer fabrics and busy, patterned fabrics are combined to create wonderfully ornate and elegant garments. The collection combines a palette of bright, fresh colours and deep colours to create striking garments.
Take a closer look at the jewellery as well, the combination of crocheted flowers, ornate metal charms, pearls and mini patterned squares to mimic tiles create beautiful earrings and necklaces.
I particularly like the Meditteraneo and Barocco collections. I would love to own the jacket and skirt made from doilies and the garments with tapestry embellishments on black fabric are my idea of perfection.





All images from www.dolcegabbana.com

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Christmas Cards

It does feel kinda weird writing about making Christmas cards when its still October but this was a special commission! My Nan wanted me to make her six Christmas cards and this is the result! I made the cards in two different sizes and used vintage themed papers as well as wooden tree and holly decorations. Each card also features a gold holly leaf inside. 

Monday, 22 October 2012

Mollie Makes Christmas Book

On Saturday morning the Mollie Makes Christmas book turned up for me! I looked right through it straight away and I was not disappointed! The book is just as good as the magazines and it has now got me in a Christmassy mood. Yeah I know it's still only October!
All the projects are so lovely and the great thing about this book is the range of different techniques such as crochet, stamp making, embroidery and much more (it's far from your average Christmas book full of old fashioned cards). Also, this might sound a bit weird, but the paper the book is made from is lovely (you'll understand if you have the book). My first projects from this book have got to be the crochet reindeer and the paper Christmas tree, oh and the felted houses! But I think I'll just end up making everything, my house is going to be choc-a-bloc with decorations this year! This is the best book for all you lovers of Mollie Makes, you need this in your life!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Fashion Friday: Erdem Pre Spring 2013

Welcome to the first ever Fashion Friday on Handmade by Hannah!
The first time I discovered Erdem was when I was researching designers for my Textiles AS coursework. I instantly fell in love with the Spring/ Summer 2012 collection which included beautiful floral fabrics, elegant silhouettes and a lot of lace.
Since then the work of designer Erdem Moralio─člu has continued to impress me. So today I wanted to write about the Pre Spring 2013 collection. This collection incorporates delightfully detailed floral patterns in a palette of blue, pink and white. Beautiful feminine sheer and lightweight fabrics are combined with lace layers and inserts. The embellishments are a feast for the eyes, snippets of lace and detailed beading compliment the patterned fabrics. The silhouettes tend to be simple and focus on the waist often using belts to draw the fabric in. Simple one colour fitted jumpers contrast with the opulence of the dresses.
I have to say that I am a big fan of collars so naturally the lace and embellished collars that feature on the dresses and tops instantly appealed to me. Another aspect of this collection that I love is the sharp tailored suit offset with a feminine floral print in zingy blue tones.

 All images from http://www.erdem.co.uk/

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let's talk about my blog... and granny sqaures!

So last night I was having a little think about my blog. Recently I've been considering starting another blog, this time a fashion blog. But I really don't think I'd have enough time to write regular posts on two blogs! Also, Handmade by Hannah is still only at the tender age of 10 months and I don't want to start neglecting it!
So I had an idea that I wanted to let you know about. I thought seeing as I have a passion for fashion (that was not meant to rhyme on purpose!) that I'd like to write about I thought I could include this in Handmade by Hannah. So as of tomorrow I will be starting the aptly named 'Fashion Friday'! I don't know if I will write 'Fashion Friday' every Friday but I'll just see how it goes and I hope you enjoy reading it!
And now I thought you might like to see how my granny squares for my blanket are coming along. I have quite a stack of them now! Its usually my Friday and Saturday night job in front of the TV!


Monday, 15 October 2012

Vintage style bead and braid necklace

With much of my jewellery it's all about vintage style, for this necklace I've used beads in dusky pink, pearls, braid trim and a metal leaf in an antique kind of colour.
The leaf had been sitting in my bead box for a while and when I got it out the other day I had a strike of inspiration! So I rounded up a selection of beads in complimenting colours and I joined a lot of them together with gold wire, I also found some gold chain (but not too bright gold, which was just what I needed for this necklace) and I interspersed a few beads in between sections of the chain. I was originally thinking of using lace but when I saw the braid I thought it would just finish off the necklace nicely. I then attached all the separate strands to the leaf charm.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Time for tea necklaces!

I made these two tea time themed necklaces, I used a teapot charm and a teacup charm in which I glued a rose cabochon. I added these charms to fine silver plated chain and I made the teapot necklace slightly longer so that I can wear the two necklaces together.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Felt and rose ring

I made these two rings yesterday, the felt flower ring was inspired by a project in a book called Pretty Little Felts by Julie Collings. I added my own touch by sewing on flower sequins and beads. The rose ring was really quick to make because all I had to do was glue a rose cabochon onto a ring base!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Friday, 5 October 2012

Three little birds...

I was doing a bit of sewing yesterday and I made these three little birds. I drew the basic bird shape and scanned it into the computer so that I could reduce the size of the template. I then made one really tiny bird (the first one in the pictures) and two small birds. To add an extra touch I cut pieces out of lace to create wings, sewed on buttons and I also cut out a rose from patterned fabric and carefully sewed it onto one of the birds. They're so tweet! (sorry but I couldn't resist!)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Vintage shelf - new additions!

A few weeks ago I posted about my vintage shelf which I had just put together... http://handmadebyhannahblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/a-mix-of-everything-vintage.html Well, I have now added a few more things to it.

Firstly, there's a vintage style eggcup which I found in a a gift/ home decorating shop. It looks so lovely with a few pretty buttons in it. Oh and by the way I am actually in love with that button that says Paris Sky on it!

Also, I bought some mini bobble trim - how cute is that! So I wound the bobble trim around a wooden spool and now that's on my shelf too.