Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let's talk about my blog... and granny sqaures!

So last night I was having a little think about my blog. Recently I've been considering starting another blog, this time a fashion blog. But I really don't think I'd have enough time to write regular posts on two blogs! Also, Handmade by Hannah is still only at the tender age of 10 months and I don't want to start neglecting it!
So I had an idea that I wanted to let you know about. I thought seeing as I have a passion for fashion (that was not meant to rhyme on purpose!) that I'd like to write about I thought I could include this in Handmade by Hannah. So as of tomorrow I will be starting the aptly named 'Fashion Friday'! I don't know if I will write 'Fashion Friday' every Friday but I'll just see how it goes and I hope you enjoy reading it!
And now I thought you might like to see how my granny squares for my blanket are coming along. I have quite a stack of them now! Its usually my Friday and Saturday night job in front of the TV!


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