Monday, 15 October 2012

Vintage style bead and braid necklace

With much of my jewellery it's all about vintage style, for this necklace I've used beads in dusky pink, pearls, braid trim and a metal leaf in an antique kind of colour.
The leaf had been sitting in my bead box for a while and when I got it out the other day I had a strike of inspiration! So I rounded up a selection of beads in complimenting colours and I joined a lot of them together with gold wire, I also found some gold chain (but not too bright gold, which was just what I needed for this necklace) and I interspersed a few beads in between sections of the chain. I was originally thinking of using lace but when I saw the braid I thought it would just finish off the necklace nicely. I then attached all the separate strands to the leaf charm.

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