Friday, 30 November 2012

Blogging problems!

Sorry I have been away for a week, there's a bit of bad news. I have basically run out of space for photos on my blog, it's something that I don't quite understand and never knew about before until last night when I was writing a post. But now I'm a bit stuck about what to do because I can't even upload photos from a URL it  just doesn't work!

I really wanted to write about a new collection from Erdem today but without photos its a bit tricky. The only option now I think is to buy more storage for photos but I don't know about this yet, I've got to get my computer expert (my Dad!) to have a look at the URL thing to see if he can work it out.

I hope I can get this fixed soon and be back to blogging again.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Fashion Friday: Somerset by Alice Temperley

My word things have been hectic this week, I had a geography field trip at the beginning of the week (we got rained on a lot but it was fun!) and I have been busy catching up with work for the rest of the week! Mind you though every week seems to be a bit crazy, I keep thinking 'next week can't be as busy as this' but it always is! That's just what comes from being a student though! Anyway enough of that and more about a collection that has caught my eye recently.
Every time I go to John Lewis I can't help swooning over the Somerset by Alice Temperley range. Whenever I walk past the part of the store that is dedicated to the collection I almost bump into someone because I can't stop staring at the beautiful garments. A girl can dream right?
This collection is exclusive to John Lewis and has been designed to be more affordable so that more people can buy Alice Temperley designs. Of course the garments are still a bit more expensive but that is understandable from a collection from such a well known designer and for such high quality garments.
The garments are clean lined and simple but have beautiful attention to detail. The blouses and dresses include lace inserts and many of the garments are embellished with frills and gathers. The collection includes a few brightly coloured pieces but there is a large use of black and white as well as neutrals in the garments. This allows the focus to be on the shape, style and details of the garments. I love the smart and formal style of the garments and I'm a huge fan of the blouses and the dress with the shirt style insert.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Calligraphy writing

I have recently bought a calligraphy set and I have been trying out writing with it. I have always thought that calligraphy is really tricky and hard to get good results with but it's actually much easier than I thought! I have been experimenting with different widths of nibs and coloured inks to create some titles for the photo shoots in my art sketch book. I think the thick green writing is my favourite.

P.S. I am going away on Monday for a few days but I will be back soon!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Fashion Friday: Preen resort 2013

I have always loved the combination of floral patterns and stripes. Preen have absolutely aced this combination in their resort 2013 collection. I love the painterly effect of the floral and striped patterns. The brightly coloured patterns are teamed with white (possibly the brightest white you have ever seen!) and black. The simple clean lined silhouettes and figure hugging shapes allow the eye to really focus on those gorgeous patterns. Everything is contrasting in this collection, for example, the heavily detailed patterns contrast with completely plain fabric and light colours contrast with dark. All this makes for beautiful outfits that really make a statement. So if you want to be noticed, wear some Preen!


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Crochet trim scarf

I have been wanting to make this scarf ever since I saw the crochet trim in Mollie Makes a few months ago. The crochet trim in the magazine was shown on towels but I decided to use it on a scarf. The only problem was I had so much trouble getting the right fabric and because the trim has to be crocheted into blanket stitch I couldn't even start on that. I was searching for the fabric for months! When I finally found the perfect fabric there was no stopping me! I overlocked the edges of the fabric and then I sewed the blanket stitch around the edges of the scarf. I then crocheted the lacy floral trim around the edges. Now I finally have my finished scarf!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

My top tips for discovering vintage treasures

As you all know I am a huge fan of vintage shopping. I just love the fact that you can go to a vintage fair or shop and not know what you might come out with. So, if you haven't caught the vintage shopping bug yet or you feel a bit daunted by it all read my top tips for getting the most out of your vintage shopping trips.
From previous posts you know that I am a regular visitor to a vintage fair in Chipping Sodbury and a vintage jumble sale in Rangeworthy. These places are not too far from me and I would recommend that unless you are sure a fair is going to be good stay local. It would be disappointing to travel a long way and find out that the fair wasn't really your cup of tea. However, if you are going to do this check online or in magazines first to see if you can find out any more information about the fair. Holidays can sometimes be a good place to pick up vintage buys if there are any vintage shops in the place you are visiting.
Get there early! It is really worth making the effort to be there for when the fair opens, unless you want to miss all the best items. It really is amazing how quickly things go, especially if it is a busy fair.
Stay clear of antique shops if you want to find lower priced items, in my opinion the items on sale in antique shops are way too overpriced. From my experience I have found items at vintage fairs that could easily be in an antique shop and would have been much higher priced.
Don't be afraid to rummage! Stall holders/ shop keepers won't find if you have a good look through and most of them will encourage you to pick things up and have a closer look. This is particularly important if you are buying fabric because you will need to check if the fabric is stained and how big it is.
Don't go with a shopping list because what would be the fun in that?! Its best to go in not knowing what you want to buy and that way you won't be disappointed if you don't find the particular items you wanted but you will come out with lots of great unexpected items. If you want to you can think vaguely about what you might like to get. For example, china, fabric, buttons because you know these items will almost definitely be on sale.
You have to bear in mind that fabric may be stained, china may be chipped and jewellery may be broken.  Consider how much you love the item and if you are willing to look past it's flaws or are able to fix them.
Most importantly set yourself a budget! It is very easy to get carried away and spend all your money, trust me I know! So maybe only take in a certain amount of cash, that way you won't lose sight of what you are spending. However, it is very important to remember that if you don't buy a particular item it is gone forever so think carefully.
I hope these tips help you and you find lots of brilliant vintage bargains in the future!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Fashion Friday: My pick of the best coats

It's freezing outside, so it's about time you bought your winter coat. But what if you don't know what to buy? No fear because I have rounded up my pick of the best coats for this winter!

This post would not be complete without something from Erdem and this trench coat is just gorgeous. The delicate lace embellishments will ensure you have that little bit of added luxury.
Image from

Ok, so it's technically a jacket but when it's as wonderful as this who cares?
Image from

Who could pass up a classic Burberry trench coat? I don't think anyone makes trench coats quite like Burberry.
Image from
Classic yet unique. This coat will turn heads.
Image from
And now for some more affordable but no less lovely coats.

Nail this winter's oversize trend with this cocoon coat.
Image from  

This beautiful lace coat is the perfect feminine item to accompany you on special occasions and nights out.
Image from

And this is my coat that I have bought for this winter, it is definitely the best coat I have ever had! 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Linocut Rose Stamp

I've been getting a bit addicted to making linocut stamps now, I think it's quite therapeutic cutting away the lino! This time I made a rose stamp using a template from a Tilda book which was originally meant for embroidery. I wasn't really sure how it would turn out because the spaces between the petals were quite narrow and I had to cut them away really carefully but I am actually really pleased with the finished result.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Vintage Jumble Sale

In a previous post I mentioned going to a vintage jumble sale in Rangeworthy and getting a lot of vintage buys for pretty good prices! Well, there was another one last Saturday which I went to. Once again I found a few good bargains! I even managed to find some of my favourite things, vintage china and cameos!
So I thought you might like to see what I bought. I am using a small floral patterned plate that I bought to keep my cameos in (the cameo brooch with the pearls was purchased on Saturday). I also got some more fabric. My fabric basket is now overflowing and I shouldn't really keep buying material but I just can't help it! I had to spend the whole of Monday morning refolding fabric and organising the whole thing! I bought two lovely sheets of paper as well.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Lino cut feather stamp

Inspired by the Mollie Makes Christmas book I have been having a go at making a lino cut stamp. The stamps in the book were obviously Christmas themed and I wanted to try out making a non-Christmassy themed stamp first of all, so I drew a simple feather design. I then cut out around the feather design to create the stamp below. I think that the print created would be great for using on brown paper tags and I love the texture and rustic look that the stamp creates.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Fashion Friday: Fasten your belts!

A key trend on the Autumn/ Winter 2012 catwalks was coats fastened with a decorative belt. My favourite example of this trend was at Burberry where their iconic trench coats were fastened with ruched silk belts featuring either a large bow or animal head at the centre. If like me the Burberry belts are a bit out of your price range you could always have a go at making these belts yourself. I'm still looking for lovely dusky pink coloured silk fabric to make my own bow belt.

Above images from
Here is my pick of the best belt to create this look yourself. This belt from Warehouse features kissing birds at the centre. Best of all with this belt you can nail this season's major trend for only £18. I'm thinking it would look good with my new camel coloured winter coat!
Image from