Monday, 31 December 2012


I mentioned in my last post that I was visiting London on Saturday and I was taking a trip to Liberty to get some fabric.  We got to Liberty just as the doors were opening in the morning and it was so lovely and quiet, I basically had the haberdashery department to myself! There are so many beautiful fabrics, it was so hard to pick but I eventually narrowed it down to the strawberry thief print and a small scale floral print. I couldn't resist those Liberty fabric covered buttons either!
I'm planning to use the floral print to decorate the cuffs on a plain white shirt and I will use the strawberry thief print for whatever takes my fancy!
I also got myself a little something from Miss Patina which featured in Fashion Friday two weeks ago -


  1. Please could you share the shirt after you have added the fabric it it :-)

    1. Of course, I may be a while though because I'm still on the hunt for a suitable plain white shirt to customise :)