Sunday, 20 January 2013

Heartfelt necklace

I love experimenting with different materials to make jewellery and I had a some merino wool tops in lovely pastel colours left over from the needle felted bird I posted about a few days ago. I used a felting mould which is actually meant to create a 3D rose but the petals are heart shaped so I used the mould to needle felt the wool into hearts. When I had made enough hearts I played about with the arrangement of the hearts, once I had decided I attached the hearts together with wire and added a few clear faceted beads in between some of the hearts. I then finished it off with a piece of light purple silk string.

I think that the soft texture and appearance of the hearts is a lovely compliment to the soft pastel colours of the wool. The best thing is that its a fairly large statement necklace but it doesn't weigh you down because the wool is so lightweight.

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