Sunday, 6 January 2013

Needle felted bird

I made this little felted bird from a kit by Gilliangladrag. It is meant to be a clip decoration, but I haven't glued the clip onto the bottom of the bird yet. I don't know if I will actually because it stands up well on it's own and I only want it to sit on a shelf. My bird has much chubbier cheeks than the Gilliangladrag version but that's all part of the charm! 

I made a few moderations as well, instead of doing the pattern on only one side of the wings I felted it onto both sides. I also felted parts of the end of the tail more to indent them to create the appearance of feathers. I still have loads of Merino wool tops left over from the kit after completing the bird as well. Now this chirpy chappy can brighten up my shelves!

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