Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Desperately seeking Mollie Makes issue 1!

Since I went to the vintage fair on Saturday and bought two back issues of Mollie Makes I have really been on the look out for the two issues that I am missing so that I can complete my collection. I can find issue five easily and for a reasonable price but issue 1 seems to be very much sought after and there are very few available. The only two I did find were no good, one printed in German and the other was on sale for £34! Now I love Mollie Makes I really do but £34?
So I was wondering if anybody has the first issue of Mollie Makes (in English) that they wouldn't mind passing on to me? I would pay postage costs and for the price of the magazine. If you do I'd be very grateful if you could  leave me a message in the comments below this post. Or if you know somewhere I could buy it that would be appreciated too.

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