Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dreams and Rage paper cuts

I made this paper cut using one of my drawings that I posted about the other day. I traced the drawing and transferred it to a piece of paper on the wrong side so that the pencil lines wouldn't be showing after I had cut out the letters. Once I had cut out all of the letters I created a background by spreading water all over a piece of watercolour paper and then adding blue and purple watercolour paint to the paper so that they merged together. After this had dried I stuck the paper cut on top.

When I was cutting out the letters from the paper cut I made sure I did it carefully so that the individual parts that had been cut out of the letters were all in one piece. I then used these parts to create another piece in which I used sticky foam pads to lift the word 'rage' from the paper, I then stuck the other letters directly onto the floral paper.

On both of these pieces I wanted to create emphasis on the contrast between the words 'dreams' and 'rage'. This had already been partly achieved in the drawing because I used a delicate, more detailed font for 'dreams' compared to the bold clean lines of 'rage'. In the first piece I also created a contrast by making a calming background in cool blue and purple that merge together gently, which is offset with the boldness and connotations of the word 'rage'. In the second piece the contrast was caused by the foam pads which made the word 'rage' stand out from the page and creates an impression of it being in the foreground of the piece while the gentler word 'dreams' recedes into the background. Again there is a contrast between the beauty and delicateness of the patterned paper and the words as well as the stark white colour of the letters contrasting with the soft colours of the floral pattern.

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