Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dreams and Rage

I've been doing some more drawing recently. Last week I did one almost every day but this is the only one I've got round to painting, I'll photograph the others tomorrow. This one is loosely based on a lyric from National Anthem by Lana Del Rey (I hope you can see it well enough in the photos, very light purple is not the best colour for photographing on a gloomy day). I'm planning to trace this and use it for a paper cut as well so that's why I kept it short and didn't draw any really complicated fonts! I don't get much time for paper cutting at the moment because I can only really do it in the daytime. Electric light is just no good and I'm always out or busy in the day. I have so many ideas for paper cuts that when it comes to the summer and the light evenings they'll be no stopping me with a craft knife and paper!

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