Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Yesterday I decorated a new sketchbook in preparation for starting a new art project. I always like to mount my work in a sketchbook and I love decorating the cover myself, it makes it more personal and exciting than a plain cover. I absolutely cannot get enough of paper cutting at the moment (as you might have realised) so I thought I would make a paper cut for the front cover. First I drew the writing that I wanted for the cover onto a piece of paper and then traced it and transferred it to the back of a thin piece of card. I then set about cutting out the letters and then I cut a scallop edge to soften the sharp appearance of the edges of the paper. I have to admit I did cheat by using a hole punch when it came to cutting out the holes, but can you blame me? All those holes cut out with a craft knife might just have driven me mad! 

Similar to my paper cut I posted about last time I used a background that I had created from brushing blue and purple water colour paint all over a piece of water colour paper. I'm particularly drawn to this colour scheme because I think it creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Then I stuck the whole thing onto the front of a plain brown paper sketchbook, this one was from Paperchase, they have a great selection of plain sketchbooks and notebooks that are perfect for decorating, I always buy mine from them. I also used the leftover cut out pieces from the words 'Urban Societies' to title the first page of the sketchbook. 

Urban Societies is the theme for this project and I have chosen to study historical urban societies in particular the architectural aspects of these societies in my work. The specific urban societies that I am beginning to use to influence my work are Rome and Barcelona and if I need some more influences for this project I think I'll visit Bath to take some photos of the architecture there.

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