Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Chiffon bows

Shirts and blouses are my absolute favourite thing to wear so I have quite a collection now and chiffon is one of my favourite fabrics. A good way to add your own twist to your shirts and blouses is to make chiffon bows to wear around the collar. I made two in pink and white chiffon, silk chiffon is best because it has such a good drape. Although silk chiffon is expensive I only needed to buy 20cm to make these bows and I still had some left over. They are really simple and quick to make, all you need to do is cut a long and thin piece of chiffon then fold it in half lengthways. Sew along the length (you may want to neaten the raw edges) then turn what will now be a tube of material the right way round and turn the short ends under and stitch them closed by hand. Then iron it flat. There you have it, a beautiful chiffon bow to tie around your favourite shirts and blouses.
Why not make them in lots of different colours to add a splash of colour to pale coloured shirts and blouses. The bows also present the perfect opportunity to show off your collection of vintage or handmade brooches. Just fasten one at the knot of the bow. You could also use the bows to decorate a hairstyle, tie them around a ponytail or bun and let the ends trail behind you.

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