Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Diamonds and pearls...and feathers

Well, ok this necklace doesn't quite have diamonds but the Swarovski beads are close enough. This necklace was inspired by the left over feathers I had from the feather hair decoration I posted about a few days ago. I was thinking about different possibilities and how I might attach the feathers when I came up with the idea of creating a curved V shape to sew the feathers onto. I chose to use white felt to create the V shape because of it's sturdiness and the fact that it doesn't fray meant that I wouldn't need to worry about hiding and finishing raw edges. Using a template I had drawn I cut out three felt V shapes, onto one of these I sewed on enough beads to cover the whole piece including pearls and Swarovski beads as well as seed beads to fill in the gaps. I then arranged and sewed the feathers onto another of the felt pieces and then I used the other piece of felt to back this piece and sewed the bead encrusted layer on top of the whole thing. I felt that using chain would be the wrong sort of finish for this piece so I used some white satin ribbon for the back of the necklace instead.
Feathers always seem to be associated with a hippy kind of festival vibe and I wanted to add some luxury to the piece, which I achieved by using luxurious beads and satin ribbon. The necklace works well worn over a plain top to add a statement or peeking out from under a collar. I thought the bead encrusted layer was particularly effective and is definitely something I will include in my designs in the future, I'm dreaming of lovely bead encrusted collars...

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