Thursday, 28 March 2013

Handmade by... Yulia Brodskaya

Handmade by... is a new feature for Handmade by Hannah where I will showcase other artists, designers or makers work that I am impressed by and interested in. Personally, I love looking at other people's work and find it incredibly inspiring. I also find it interesting just to see what other people are doing and how someone has interpreted a particular technique or theme. I have shared other people's work on my blog before as you may know but I thought it was about time I made a proper feature out of it.
So for the very first of these features I have chosen the work of Yulia Brodskaya. I love Yulia Brodskaya's work because it uses the very traditional technique of paper quilling and brings it up to date with bright colours and beautiful detail. I can only imagine the hours it must take to make these pieces. I love how the pieces include blank spaces to form shapes and words which is very unique and not something I have ever really seen used in quilling before. I also think the use of abstract shapes to create images (for example the figure in the image below) is wonderful and of course, the pieces are so texturally interesting.

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