Sunday, 24 March 2013

Vintage Jumble Sale

Once again I have been vintage shopping...
There was another vintage jumble sale yesterday and I got a few things as you can see below. Among them was a back issue of Selvedge magazine which I was really excited to get because I have always read in interviews that many designer/ makers read the magazine for inspiration. I don't think I have ever seen it for sale in the shops although it may because I have never really been looking for it in particular. I was pleased to see I had got the magazine for a big reduction on the cover price and I have been enjoying reading it this weekend. I also picked up some thick cotton embroidery thread, metal bird decorations more lace and vintage china. Plus I bought two really old postcards and they even have beautiful writing on the back, the writing is in French but my GCSE French skills don't stretch to reading the backs of postcards unfortunately! I think I may have to turn to an Internet translator, I probably won't get a very accurate translation but I'm curious to know what they say.



  1. Beautiful finds, it would be fascinating to find out what the postcards say

    1. Thank you, I always love vintage shopping because what you find is always unexpected. Yes, I haven't got round to seeing if I can find out what they say but when I do I'll let you know