Monday, 1 April 2013

Baby shoes

I only have a few months left of Sixth Form now and one of my teachers is leaving at the same time as us for maternity leave. She has always been a wonderful teacher and me and one of my friends have been taught by her for almost four years now, so we made these baby shoes to give as a gift when she leaves.
We used a pattern from Cross Stitcher magazine for the basic shape of the shoes and then used different coloured and patterned felt for the pieces and sewed them together using blanket stitch. Along the top of the front pieces we sewed the blanket stitch in white embroidery thread to create a feature of the stitch. We also added mini pom-pom trim to the back pieces and a tag with the phrase 'Handmade with love'. I made these by cutting pieces of ribbon to create the individual tags.

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