Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Crochet flowers peter pan collar

I love collars and what can be better than a detachable collar which you can wear to add a finishing touch to many outfits. A while ago I had crocheted lots of small flowers, from my pattern which I published here, http://handmadebyhannahblog.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/teeny-tiny-crochet-flower-pattern.html and leaves which I also made up a pattern for. I thought they would look good all over a peter pan collar so I traced the collar of a top to get the basic template for the collar shape, if you are drafting your own collar pattern a tip is that the pattern piece should not lie flat in a circle shape when laid out on a flat surface, this means that the collar will sit flat when it is worn around your neck.
I then used a plain white cotton fabric for the top and base of the collar and some lightweight interfacing on the back of the top layer. I sewed on the crochet pieces adding seed beads in the centre of each flower to the top layer. Once this was complete I sewed the collar pieces together, I did this by hand just because I felt like it but it could also be done on a machine with a gap left to turn it round. Then I added a loop at one of the corners where the two points meet, one of the crochet flowers on the opposite side is pushed through the loop to secure the collar.
I was originally planning to sew beads between the crochet flowers and leaves but I liked the effect of the crochet against the crisp white cotton so I decided to leave the beads out. The collar works well worn over a plain top or dress and is the perfect item for those wardrobe malfunction days. When I get round to it I'm also going to make a collar out of some Liberty fabric, the question is do I make a peter pan collar or a pointed collar?


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