Friday, 5 April 2013

Fashion Friday: A closer view

Sometimes you need to look more closely at a garment to appreciate the finer details. As a sewer and general maker how things are made has always fascinated me. I often find myself examining a garment and considering how the techniques have been used to create a certain effect. Getting my head around how something has been made is just a part of my creative process that is in the back of my mind all the time and its just something I consider whether it's for future use or just curiosity. There always seems to be a certain element of pride if you can go into a shop and say 'I could make that' which I'm sure many of you have done before. Gaining and perfecting new skills is just as much about studying other people's work as it is practising the technique.

High end designer's collections are the best place to seek inspiration for surface embellishment and fabric manipulation techniques because much more time and care is spent over creating the garments. What can also be fascinating about fashion collections is the interpretation of traditional techniques into couture garments. Below are a selection of stunning close up images of garments. Whether you discover lace appliqued onto chiffon, a delicate print or elegant embroidery its always worth looking more closely. After all it's the small details that make or break a garment.

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