Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Friendship bracelets

I remember making countless friendship bracelets when I was little, they were usually just simple plaits with a few beads strung on. I think I made a few more complex ones using kits but plaits were definitely the easiest.
Friendship bracelets have seen a comeback in the past few years but this time in more sophisticated designs. Chevron and striped friendship bracelets combined with chain have a tribal feel and are the perfect summer accessory. The chevron design is about a complicated as I can manage, I had a go at a few other designs but with no success. There are so many tutorials out there you can make enough to cover both arms in bracelets! Some good tutorials are available here and remember more is more with friendship bracelets so make loads and stack them up. I have a few more ideas on my to do list I just need to get lots of coloured cord.
Something I remember very clearly about my childhood friendship bracelets was that the only way I ever fastened them was by tying the ends of the embroidery thread meaning they were stuck on you until they eventually fell off. This is why I have finished the ends of my bracelets with folding crimps and clasps so I can wear them when I choose to. These two little birds were so curious about this new style of friendship bracelet they came over to investigate...

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