Sunday, 7 April 2013

Liberty print covered notebook

A while ago I wrote about a covered notebook I had made as a gift. This time I wanted to make one for myself because I've needed a good sketchbook for sketching out ideas and designs and I wanted the book to have thick paper so I can use watercolour on the pages. I bought my plain hard covered sketchbook from an art shop in Bath ( the shop is only small but they have great stock and the staff are so helpful and friendly, if you are in the Bath area it's worth visiting.
I used Liberty print fabric to cover the sketchbook but first I covered the book in thin white fabric. This is because the Liberty fabric is quite light and fine and although it is a dark colour I wanted to make sure the colour of the cover wouldn't show through. I decided to leave the cover plain because the Liberty fabric is so beautiful and detailed it doesn't need any extra ornamentation. On the inside pages I added some Tilda striped paper and a small tag for a finishing touch. Now I have a lovely sketchbook with a personalised cover and just having a beautiful cover will surely inspire more ideas...


  1. I love this. Great job Hannah :)

    1. Thank you I'm glad you like it, I've just been drawing in it this evening! :)