Friday, 3 May 2013

Fashion Friday: Eagerly anticipating Miss Vogue

I heard about the launch of Miss Vogue a few months ago and I have been looking forward to it's launch ever since. The June issue of Vogue sees the launch of Miss Vogue in a double issue with Vogue. Vogue is a magazine I have always enjoyed reading so the prospect of Miss Vogue is very exciting for me. The magazine is aimed at the teenage market and has been described by the Guardian as "distinctly younger in feel". Teen Vogue has never really done it for me, I guess I just prefer regular Vogue but I have a feeling from what I have read about the contents that Miss Vogue will be more appealing to me. I don't expect the products featured in the magazine to be much more in my budget than those in Vogue, after all Vogue almost exclusively features luxury brands but I think there will be some focus on high street shops as well. Model of the moment Cara Delevigne covers the debut issue of Miss Vogue whilst Kate Moss covers the June issue of Vogue, so its a double helping of globally recognised fashion icons. From what I have read about the magazine elsewhere it is unlikely to be sold as a stand alone magazine but I would expect that this all depends on the success of the debut issue. The double issue of Vogue and Miss Vogue is out on May the 6th, I know I'll be rushing to the shops to get my copy! You can read more about the contents of the magazine here

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