Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A new blog to read: CrumbleKat

My sister, Katherine has just started to write a blog called CrumbleKat (that embedded link was thanks to Katherine who told me how to do that yesterday!). She is a big fan of beauty products and studies English Literature at university so has a passion for books. Her blog is combining these two interests by linking books with relevant beauty products according to their themes and titles. A great way to discover new beauty products as well as new reads.

She has an overflowing beauty collection as well as shelves stacked with books and she has been eagerly photographing items for new posts today so there will be plenty of interesting posts in the future. There are already great recommendations for holiday reads and brilliant beauty products. Her first post links The Great Gatsby to...well that would be telling. You'll  have to give her blog a visit and find out!

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