Thursday, 20 June 2013

Craft shelves tidy up

These two large white shelves are solely home to my craft collection, they came from Ikea and years ago they contained all my craft materials. They have been re-arranged many times but as my collection of materials has grown it has gradually spread across my room, its actually more of a workshop than a bedroom now! But these shelves had become quite crowded so they've had a major revamp. On the top of the shelves I store my magazine collection which has recently been reorganised and my over locker machine.
Yesterday I moved my craft and fashion books which had been stored on a smaller set of shelves over to these shelves to create more room for others, the smaller height books are stored on top of a chest of drawers. The books are all in colour order of course, the only way to order books! I like to create a display with my craft materials so I have stacked small balls of yarn on top of one another teamed with ribbon. Lace and trimmings are stored in pretty jars and china bowls and plates. You can see on the top right shelf there are two fabric baskets. I made these a while ago from instructions in a Tilda book by Tone Finnanger  and I use them to store free gifts from magazines which I haven't got round to making yet and the other is used for ribbons and trimmings.
I store a lot of craft materials in boxes because it keeps things neat and also things which aren't so pretty I don't really want to have on display (things like my needle felting sponge and work in progress). I bought some metal bird decorations from a craft fair a few months ago and I strung these on string and attached the string to small white hooks which I glued on the shelves. From these hooks I have also hung embroidery hoops tied together with ribbon and I have hung my pinking shears from another hook, I just need to get one more so I can hang my fabric scissors from it. I hope you are enjoying reading about this and seeing pictures of how I have organised my stash and I hope it gives you some ideas for your own craft materials as well.

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