Friday, 7 June 2013

Fashion Friday: Style your belt

My attention was brought to styling the ends of belts differently on Pinterest where I have seen several belts with the ends folded and tucked under to create different shapes. Its the perfect way to solve the problem of a too long belt whilst making a feature out of it. The most common one I have seen is creating a bow like style but I have also seen belts that have been simply tied in a knot. Normal feeding the end of your belt through the loops is out, styled shapes are in. So knot, twist, tuck, fold your belt, the possibilities are endless...
Today I styled my belt into a bow like loop shape around the buckle
over tailored culotte style shorts and a chiffon blouse
Simply looped and tucked under.
Image from 9to5Chic
Cute bow shape
Image from Spotlight on Jamie
Simple knot for those days when you need a quick fix
Image from Fashionrolla

Butterfly knot for a statement look
Image from Fashionrolla

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