Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Summer stash organisation

I finished my A level exams last Friday so I now have a lot of spare time and this week I have been taking the opportunity to organise my stash. I spent all of Monday and Tuesday folding fabric, untangling and winding yarn and organising magazines. Below are some images of the results, I still have a lot more organisation to do so I expect this week's posts will be focused on this. My shelves have got very overrun with craft materials recently so I'm trying to de-clutter them (I rarely throw any craft materials out though, I just re-arrange them) and organise them so I know what I have to hand.

My fabric stash is constantly growing. I'm a bit of a fabric hoarder and I find it hard to resist buying beautiful fabric so it's no surprise my collection grew too large for the basket it was originally stored in. The basket used to be on this shelf and every time I needed a bit of fabric I would have to pull it off and all the fabric would fall off the top, I couldn't even really see all of the fabric I had in there anyway. So I decided it was all getting a bit out of hand, removed the basket and stacked the fabric directly onto the shelf instead. In the above photo I'm in the process of organising the fabric... 
... and this photo shows the finished result. I can see and access my fabric much more easily now. I love colour organisation so I stacked the fabric into three different colour groups: first neutrals, then pinks, lighter purples and greens and lastly darker colours including blues and purples.

I'm constantly buying magazines and at least two are added to my collection each month. The trouble is I hate throwing them out, partly because the magazines I get are usually more expensive and I like to go back and look and them now and again. I have several magazine files on top of a set of shelves which had become so full there was no room to add any more and a pile of magazines was building up which I needed space for. So I put some of the older magazines that I no longer read in a box under my bed and rearranged the ones left, now I have a bit of extra space for future issues as well.

Finally my yarn supply was in bad need of organisation. It had all become tangled together in two bags so I spent a very long time untangling it and rewinding some of the balls of yarn. I then put it into the basket which used to hold my fabric and added my knitting needles at the back.

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