Sunday, 7 July 2013

Clutch bag

On the cover of issue 27 of Mollie Makes there was a beautiful clutch bag which I knew I had to make as soon as I saw it. For my birthday I was given some sewing themed fabric from Fabric Rehab which I thought would be perfect for this bag. All of the components such as the fortune cookie frame and chain handle came from U-Handbag which is an absolutely great website for anything you could ever need to make bags. I ordered the things I needed to make this bag plus another bag frame last week and the parcel arrived the next day so I would highly recommend ordering from them, also if you bought issue 27 of Mollie Makes which featured the bag project there was a 10% discount code in there for the website.
I used a light pink cotton to line my bag and added a 'Made by Me' tag inside. I don't usually go for clutches with chains but the chain is so beautiful and goes so well with the style of bag I had to add it. I'm not going to pretend it was easy to glue the fabric into the frame, I'd never done it before this and it was much more fiddly than I thought. The crucial secret to the finish of the bag is compressed fleece which goes between the lining and outer fabric, it adds stability and a nice squishy feel, so even if you are not making this particular bag I would encourage you to use it for the best finish. You can buy it quite reasonably priced from U-Handbag. The bag is quite small but very cute and perfect for just those few essential items you need to carry on a night out.


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