Monday, 22 July 2013

Italian holiday

On Saturday night we arrived back from our holiday in Italy. We stayed near Marina Della Lobra which is a small town near Sorrento. We visited quite a few places including Capri, Ravello, Sorrento again and Herculaneum as well as some smaller towns. It was so hot again everyday, although it's not much cooler in the UK at the moment. Marina Della Lobra had a small harbour and a few shops and restaurants and we enjoyed walking the short distance along a coastal path to a little restaurant. We were even given a small complimentary taste of Limcello one night which is a speciality in Southern Italy and was described in a guide book we bought as basically pure alcohol with a lemon taste added and it wasn't far wrong - it was so strong! As I did last year I thought I'd show you the souvenirs I brought back.
Last year I spotted a lovely Venetian glass watch in a jewellery shop in Sorrento but I was unsure about buying it at the time. When we decided to go back to a similar area of Italy this year I knew I had to buy the watch this time. Luckily they still had them and I chose a watch with a silvery blue strap, I love the glass flowers around the face. From Sorrento I also bought a lightweight scarf from a shop called Antica Sartoria, I have been looking for a long lightweight scarf for ages so I can wear it in the Pussybow Knot style as shown in the Ted Baker scarf boutique.
When we were waiting in the airport for the flight home, my sister and I went to look in a clothing shop called Silvian Heach. We thought the clothes would be really expensive as most of the clothing in Italy is but the prices actually weren't too bad and there was a brilliant sale on from which I bought this cardigan. It is very fine and has a beautiful pattern in the knit on the front, it also features a small bow on the back with S and H in diamantes at each end of the bow. The colour is one I wouldn't normally choose but it goes beautifully with many tops in my wardrobe and I like to buy items which are unlike the garments I have already got.

Finally I just had to show you the best holiday snap, it's a bit blurry but I couldn't resist sharing it with you. Italian driving can be a bit crazy - we saw this man riding on his scooter with his dog in Ravello!

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