Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Super sized granny square

In my recent tidy up I cleared off my desk, it ended up looking a lot better because it was so packed full of stuff it wasn't much use for anything. However, I decided that it needed something extra to cover all the bare wood that left the desk looking quite empty. So I super sized the versatile granny square to create an interesting and textured table covering. I added a scalloped crochet edge, which is definitely my favourite crochet edging, I use it on almost everything. I used up some balls of wool I already had in my stash, I always tend to mix cream or white with other colours because I find it pulls together different colours nicely. In this case I used graduating shades of purple starting with the lightest in the middle. I interspersed cream coloured yarn between the purples and added a white border around the edge which I think gives the effect of a lace trim.